Download to gantt-format

hi, I have a group project right now and want to share my ganttproject with the others. I found out about gantt cloud but I can’t download my project and save it to “gantt-format”. Using Mac m1

I save my project, plain and simple to the desktop and when I click it afterwards it looks like this

I am not sure that I understand the question.

What do you mean when you say “I can’t download” next to “I want to share”? “Downloading” is the process of moving files from the Internet to your computer. “Sharing” is the opposite: it is when you have a file on your computer and want it to be available to others, usually on the Internet.

On the screenshot I see a few garbage symbols at the first line, before the <?xml. I don’t know how did you manage to get them, but anyway, if you remove them and save the file, it will be a valid GanttProject document.

Solved the saving problem by adding .gan to my file. The other problem I now have, how do I share this project in “gantt cloud”? Already made a group and invited all the people

Did you upload the project to GanttProject Cloud?

Yes! I shows but when I press it, nothing happens

This humlan.gan is the uploaded project but nothings happens when I press on it

Now I found this, but still, don’t know to get into ganttproject

All people who are the members of the team where you created this project already have access.
You and your collaborators can open this file from your desktop GanttProject. There is a button “Getting started” in GP Cloud interface, it leads to these pages with docs: