Getting Started With GanttProject Cloud

Summary: you need to register on GanttProject Cloud web site and connect your desktop GanttProject to GP Cloud.

Register on GanttProject Cloud

  1. Sign Up on GanttProject Cloud. You can use email and password or sign up with your Google account.

  2. Create a new team and then create a new project in the team. Just select House Building Sample from the template drop-down.

Connect GanttProject Desktop

  1. Download a build of GanttProject 3.2.

  2. Start GanttProject 3.2, open the File Dialog with “Project > Open”, choose GanttProject Cloud in the list and click “Sign In”. It will open a browser window where you can authorize your GanttProject Desktop to work with Cloud.

    If authorization is successful, you will see a message which suggests to return back to the desktop application.

  3. Voila! In GanttProject Desktop you can see the list of your teams, open teams as folders, open projects from team folders, save projects to GanttProject Cloud, lock and unlock them, receive notifications when your collaborators update the project which is open in your desktop GanttProject.

NEXT: Inviting Collaborators

I cant generate acces token when i choose the duration of the token and press Grant Access it doesn’t work