Editing Resource list

How can i edit resource table after having added a resource.

Once the resource is added i can’t go back and edit these …

Did you try clicking “Properties” button in the toolbar or in Resources > Resource Properties menu? Or double-clicking the table cell?

Found out how to to it
Thanks for your support


I’m baffled by this too.

  • Clicking the unlabelled icon of a head and shoulders in the toolbar brings up the Resources panel, but it’s empty, even though I have previously added three suppliers and they’re in use in tasks.
  • Clicking on the menu Resources > Resource Properties brings up the same Resources panel but with only the last-added resource showing, and no way to find the others.

@ras0389 You said you found out how to do it; could you please post the solution?

Turns out the .gan file is XML, so editing that is one way. I deal with XML all the time, so this format is a real bonus.

This icon creates a new resource. You can open the resource properties using either of these:

  1. Resources > Resource Properties in the main menu
  2. icon with “i” in the circle in the toolbar
  3. 'Resource Properties" from the context menu on the selected resource
  4. Alt+Enter keyboard shortcut on the selected resource

Hope it helps.

Thanks, but that is not what I asked.

When you do [1], you can ONLY see the last resource used. You cannot view other resources and edit them. It should be possible to scroll through all existing resources.

[2] and [4] let you inspect the task and see/change the assigned resource
[3] lets you change the assigned resource

How do you EDIT existing resources: it is impossible to see a list of them with all data (phone, email, etc).

Did you try switching to “Resources” tab?

Thank you. In the Resources tab, the menu Resources > Resource Properties is active when a resource is selected.

But there is still no scrollable resource editor where you can update resource entries. You have to know which activity to select to make sure you get the right resource.

It would be nice if New Resource was renamed Resource Editor, and brought up the same panel, but let you edit existing resources as well as adding new ones. Maybe this could be put on the list?

I am not sure that I understand the issue, sorry. You can see a GanttProject window with our sample project below, and a scrollable list of resources. You can select any of them and edit the way you want.


OK, thanks. Now I understand what you meant. It’s backwards from the way I was expecting, but that’s probably just me :slight_smile: