Enregistrer et ouvrir depuis serveur

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utilisateur debutant et pas initié aux ruses ! je n’arrive pas a parametrer enregistrer et ouvrir depuis un serveur
la connexion ftp fonctionne le test est positif par contre le serveur webdav toujours en erreur .
quelqu un peut il m’aider ? que rentrez exactement ? j’ai tout essayé

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This is English-speaking forum. Please consider writing in English for better understanding. Thanks.

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i am not able to speak english !!

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Okay, so here is the translation made by Google Translate. I am replying given this translated text which may or may not be close to original


User beginner and not initiated to tricks! I can not parameterize save and open from a server
The ftp connection works but the test is positive by the webdav server always in error.
Can anyone help me? What exactly do you get? I have tried everything

The main question: what’s the goal? Do you really need WebDAV server?

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traduit with reverso

I want to use my project management since various places where from the need to put it on the server

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Are you in the same local network?

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No I am on 3 different places distant from several one hundred km

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okay, do you all have Dropbox or Google Drive?

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No nothing of any ca which I do not even know

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Just need to know what to indicate in compartments server if that works?

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Do you have your own WebDAV server anywhere? Or do you use some cloud storage with WebDAV interface?

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I do not know what is exactly Web dav? I just have a site with my domain name accommodate on a server

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If you don’t know what is WebDAV server you probably don’t want to use it.

I really recommend to consider using Dropbox. It is free, it appears as a local folder on your machien and you can use it as a local folder from GanttProject.

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And I want just to record my project on this accommodation and to be able to open it of one of the three places or I work