Error anytime I edit a setting

Anytime I attempt to edit a setting I get an access error. I am on a win10 box and have admin privs.

Here is the log file as well:

skri_log.txt (80.2 KB)

It appears to be related to firewall settings. Turn off Win10 firewalls and now I do not get any errors.

Any advice on what the story is?

UPDATE: Ignore the above. The problem is still there. Strangely, it will save changes but then later when I get the access denied error messages, the project start date will revert back to 2018 even though I set it to start 2021.

This is very frustrating. Is this solely due to using the cloud feature?



WARNING: C:\Users\skri\.ganttproject (Access is denied) C:\Users\skri\.ganttproject (Access is denied)

says that you have no permissions to write either to C:\Users\skri folder or to the particular C:\Users\skri\.ganttproject file. You need to fix this.

Thank you for the response. The directory has write permissions and everything I do on that machine writes to that directory. I just uninstalled/reinstalled the program, created a test project and saved it to the c:\users\skri folder without a problem. I open and closed it several times and made changed.

With the project file running locally and not connected to the cloud service there appears to be no problem.

The project files connected to the cloud feature are what seems to be creating the issue.


I decided to upload the test project to the cloud and edit it, change settings, etc.

Things seem to be behaving itself at the moment.

The previous project I set up that I was having trouble with I created the project on the cloud platform then opened it locally. Tried another test do it that way and not problems either.

Chalk it up to ghosts in the machine or something got corrupted somewhere.

Will let you know if it reappears. Thanks for the help.

It is good that you can write to C:\Users\skri. Now please check that you have permissions to update C:\Users\skri\.ganttproject file too.

Cloud documents do not create the issues, but they may reveal it, because when working with the cloud documents, the settings file is updated more frequently (normally GanttProject writes it on exit only, but with cloud documents it writes on every sync with the cloud)