Expand all tasks

Is there an easy way to expand all tasks?

You can expand all tasks originating from a single top-level task with Ctrl+End. There is no shortcut for expanding all tasks from all top-level tasks, sorry.

Hi. I’m just checking in to see if there has been development on expanding all top-level tasks. Thanks

I have submitted an enhancement request:

This was published today in update 3003.

Hello! Just to clarify… is this feature similar to the “outline” view in MS Project? Thanks!

Pardon? We’re talking about the keyboard shortcuts to expand or collapse task nodes in the task tree.

Well, yes. Expand all tasks, from a certain level, by selecting the summary tasks.
I have a “project-summary-tasks” from which I can expand all-tasks with Ctrl-End.

My question is if there is an enhancement about expanding “level 1” tasks, “level 2”, etc
Thank you very much! M.

Why not a menu item? For example, from the View menu which at the moment only has a PERT chart option. Such a menu item would toggle between Expand All and Collapse All.