Export causes "Illegal char :> at" error and stops the export

I used 3.2.3220 to create a simple gantt chart. Then upgrading to 3.2.3240 I keep getting the Illegal Char error. I tried uninstalling and installing 3.2.3100 but same thing. the weird part is that even after a fresh reinstall, and creating a new project I get the same error, but strangely my company logo show in the fresh install–somehow it remembers my logo across installs. And the error msg shows TWO of my folders “C:…” concatenated together, which of course won’t work, but where is it getting those 2 folder names?Illegal Char.jpg

Please share the contents of the log file.

ganttproject.log (17.0 KB)

How do you choose the export destination in the wizard?

Got it, TY! Somewhere in the past I had specified it wrong, and did not see that until you pointed it out.
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