Export (or see) effort by resource

Hi there,

having enthusiastically created a project gantt (9 months, 9 resources, 600+ tasks) for the last two days I now come to the conclusion there is no view that shows the effort (in hours, or days or even minutes) for a resource.
I need to report on the forecast on resources in the project as well as on the number of days performed. Whatever I try I can’t seem to find this anywhere and I need to manually calculate task by task what the effort for a resource is.
Is this possible? I can’t do this manually week by week and change after change.

Ideally this would be table that shows TASK/Resource/Effort Now we can see Task/Resource but than it stops.


This is a complex question.

In GP 2.8. there is an option to enter payment rate for each resource, and if you set payment rate to 1 you theoretically will get the sum of resource efforts. However, GP 2.8 calculates automatically only the total sum of costs (which is equal to the sum of efforts given that rate is 1) per task. Which is probably not exactly what you want.

In the next major update we will add total cost per resource summed by all assigned tasks. This, however, doesn’t seem to be what you want either (correct me if I am wrong).

I have submitted a new enhancement request to the issue tracker: https://github.com/bardsoftware/ganttproject/issues/1426

All this said, we export resource payment rates and resource assignments to CSV and theoretically one can reconstruct the sum using external tools. This will require some programming efforts though. Besides, we don’t yet export resource load, so if some resource works 50% on some task, this information is lost during CSV export. This can pretty easily be fixed though, contact us if you really need this information in the export.

Thanks for the submission.

Seeing the total cost is indeed not the solution. Maybe it’s easier to explain if I explain the situation:

Organisation needs to have the implementation of a bunch of new tools to replace old equipment.
Organisation depends on several internal and external parties to have the work done:

  • Project manager (internal)
  • 2 different technical profiles (internal)
  • 3 Technical profiles a service provider.
  • 3 Techncial profiles freelance or 3th party.

Bossman from Organisation asks: I need to create purchase orders order for each party for the following month. So Mr Project Manager provide me a list of the resources by each month and the amount of work they need to do (in hours or days) in that month so I can create the PO’s.
For the past months provide me with the actual planned hours so Mr Bossman can compare with the timesheets to see if they are valid.
As it is a project that has external dependencies it will most likely change month by month.
SO, the easiest would be to have an export that looks like the resource chart where the % has been replaced by hours or days.


Dmitry - Same as Fred V, being able to CSV export the % resource utilization would be greatly beneficial. Thank you.

I realy like to get the solution for it also and 1 more.

In my situation I set a payment on 100. And then in tasks I set capacity 10 for 1 person, 2 for 2 people and so on depends how many workers are involved in curent task (10 hour a workin shift). On chart it looks funny. E.g. from 320% to even 1000% in each day (but i know that are hours).
Now my question is: there is any posibilities to change the range of colors resources for overload and so on, now default is red when its more than100%, I need to set red when its bigger than e.g. 500%

No, sorry. You can only change the whole color used for indicating overloaded resource.

I also keenly await the enhancement to be able to have the total cost per resource you entered in June 17.
However, I have another questions. Is it possible to get the total cost of resources for the whole project?
I see the total cost per task in the resource properties and would like to be able to get the total cost. If not available do I need to configure my project or export to cvs somehow so that cost per task is also exported?

Just create a single top-level “project task” and indent all tasks under that new one.

Thanks Dimitry!
I certainly hope your enhancement for total cost per resource is assigned and gets done. Alternatively if the total number of days a resources was allocated on a project at least cost could be calculated offline.

I really want to see this update! Not all of our employees work the same number of hours in a week, so we need a way to assign them to a task, but then also assign their effort level (or workload) to that task. From what I can read, the update you’re describing would really solve our problem!

Thanks so much for making Gantt Project. It’s a great tool.

Is there a way of exporting multiple resources assigned to one task with the percentage every resource is allocated to that task? Would be a great help to me to do some off-line calculations and add up resources in different projects.

Yes, since GanttProject 2.8.8 resource loads are exported to CSV. Read the details in the announcement: http://ganttproject.blogspot.com/2018/05/ganttproject-288-better-usability.html

I have a similar need. Would it be possible in the Resources Chart left panel to have a column that show the total days a person spend on a project to one digit precision ? Example, if someone spend 50% of its time on task #1 which last 1 day, and 100% on task #2 which last 3 days, then the total would be 3.5 days.

This could be even breakdown by task for each resource. I know that if I export in CSV format, the information is all there, but it is hard to see on large project which multiple tasks and resources.

Would it be possible ?

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AFAIK, GP does handle aggregation of costs, but not assigments in “resource view”.

There is a column “Total Load” which shows the sum of assignments for each resource.

Yes! Thank you, Dmitry.

Hi Dmitry,

Is there a way to export the resource utilization from GP 3.2.3247?
It is superbly shown in the resource window per resource per assigned task, but I would need to do some calculations based on that, negotiations with department heads on allocating the people etc. So I need this in xls finally,
How can I do that? I see only the total per resource in the csv file.


Resource loads are exported in the assignments column of the task rows.