FEATURE REQUEST: "Long weekend" warning and switch


The more I use Ganttproject, the more I enjoy and think about better utilities and features.

This one is easy. Please take a look at the screenshot, showing “long weekends”.

Let’s informally define “long weekend” as a sequence of feast day + labor day (1 at least) + feast day.

So, as you can see, there are several “long weekends” in the picture.

My suggestion is that it would be great to have a “detector” of such sequences for a project manager.

  • There will be an “informational” icon (white lowercase “i” on dark blue background icon) in which you can be aware of a long weekend.
  • There will be a “checkbox” on options to consider “labor days” in long weekends as directly feast days, and not to be counted as labor day.

I those long weekends, the availability of the resources is limited, and does not make sense to have 100% assignment of resources. But cannot add the labour days as feast days… they are not, right?

Hope this make sense. What do you think?

I don’t understand this. You can already turn working days into holidays: Project > Properties> Calendar or just right click in the chart area and choose “Add holiday on [date under the mouse pointer]”.

just right click in the chart area and choose “Add holiday on [date under the mouse pointer]”.

Great tip, Dmirty.

I make this request because seems to be low-effort to implement and gives a lot of insight on unexpected feast days ahead.

What do you mean when you say “unexpected”? I am sure that people who plan their projects do not live in vacuum and are very well aware of the long weekends.

I am glad that you’re <so sure> on this.

I was thinking on similar situations as “IT environments freezing period” (summertime or Christmas), Eastern, and moving holidays, that have GREAT impact on schedule and effort planning.
I found the Ganttproject feature “Record time-off for a Resource” which allows a period to be set and tasks will be adjusted.

Thank you for your support, Dmitry! Best regards. Manuel