Feature request: some additional features in resource view

Hi all!
I’m super fan of Gantt for project managements and I’m 100% sure this GanttProject is the most amazing gantt project ever!
I tried everything - Clickup, Asana, Zenkit, ProjectLibre, RationalPlan, Jira, Monday, Microsoft Excel …
but I’m ended up with this GanttProject finally.
Special thanks to project team and their all hard endeavors!

Features I request are:

  • Currently, for extra column in “Resource Chart”, I can only see roles. I hope to see cordinators mark too. :slight_smile: Also I hope they are also configurable in patterns so I can identify coordinator assigned tasks visually.
  • Filters in Task & Resource view

Thanks again!


  • could you explain what you do mean by “coordinator”?
  • have you tried version 3.3 with filters in tasks?

Hi. thanks for your quick response.

  • I started using 3.3 beta and filter looks good. Could you add “Tasks of today”, which time range includes today.
  • This coordinator.

    I hope bars of resources used as coordinators in tasks, to be specialized, so I can notice “Oh this is coordinator in this task” visually.
    Colors are used (green, red), so I think pattern can be used.

Hope this helps to project improvement!