Files and template

Hello! May I add closing file for each task? And may I create a template for each new project? Thanks!

adding your own template is one of the high priority features, but it is not yet ready. What do you mean as “closing file”?

I mean situation when I complete the task and need to approve it. For example to add a PDF file document.

I see. You can use a web link field in the task properties in GP Desktop. Currently it is not yet integrated with GP Cloud, but we surely consider this feature.

So I can’t load into Gantt a file from my PC?

No, sorry. It seems that there were no enhancement request for that, so I created a new one:

As I understood, we can talk russian, don’t we?)))

This is an English-speaking product and forum. We can talk in Russian in private discussions, however, I suggest using English in public topics.

Ok, no problem. When can we expect version we can load a file to task?

I don’t give any promises with respect to desktop GanttProject application. Maybe tomorrow, if some highly skilled engineer, who is willing to spend some his spare time on open-source project, sends a brilliant pull request. Maybe in a year, if such engineer won’t come, and I decide that the time has come (the latter has way more chances than the former).

Hope it will be soon! :pray: Because there is only one obstacle makes me stop using your program!