Filters within the task pane

(kieran) #1

I’ve started using the Ganttproject program to replace an old magnetic board. So far it is doing what we need it to do. There are a few items that would be good to have:

  1. Is it possible to get filters on the task pane, so that we can hide completed jobs?
    (e.g. jobs that have 100 within the completed column as seen on the image below)


  1. Is there a way of making the dates cascade left to right on the calendar side?
  2. Where is the setting to show the individual day dates?


(Dmitry Barashev) #2
  1. No, sorry.
    See feature request:

  2. I am not sure that I clearly understand the question, but probably sorting by begin date does what you want

  3. Sorry? Can you please explain what do you mean?

(kieran) #3

Hi Dimitry
Thanks for the quick response.
That is a shame about the filtering of completed tasks. That would be very useful as we would have 100s of tasks showing going forward.
The point 3), the dates aren’t showing up any more along the top. It might be a setting somewhere that i’ve missed?

(Dmitry Barashev) #4

At this zoom level they are not shown – there’s just no space for all those numbers. Zoom in.

(kieran) #5

Thanks Dmitry, I’ve zoomed out now!

I have got around the filter by adding a Task called Completed to the top. I can then indent the completed jobs to this and hide them that way.

One thing I have noticed, if we have a job that has 2 different date periods, when I try to indent the second task it changes the first task dates?

Task 23 & 24:

When indented this happens, is there a way around this?

(Dmitry Barashev) #6

Summary tasks, by definition, have their start and end dates defined by the child tasks.

You may want to read the docs.