First time user's Java error: can't save files

Hello :wave:

I’m trying to use your lovely software for the first time, and I have a problem: it seems to not approve of the first space character in my file path… so I cannot save anything !

Screen Shot 21-10-21 at 02.49 PM

Could there be an obvious solution that I’ve missed ? Other than having to rename my Windows account…

(Log attached, if it can be of any use.)

ganttproject.log (39.0 KB)

Is my understanding correct that your user name is “Piero !” (with a space and exclamation) ?

Yes, that’s it. …

Well, first, thanks for raising this issue. It seems that there are other issues too, e.g. on Linux, when there are spaces in the user home directory or in the current directory path. I submitted a new issue to the tracker (see the link below)

Meanwhile, can you please check if this issue is reproducible after removing all updates? You can find them in C:\Users\Piero !\.ganttproject.d\updates folder. Just remove it.

I see !
The error does not occur after the removal of updates (and after skipping them when the program opens). So I’ll work like this for the moment, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for checking! If you’re curious, exclamation sign in the name of your user directory is the issue.

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