Fixed date for a task or a milestone

(Karen Godary-Dejean) #1

Good morning,

I want to fixed a date for a task (this task HAVE TO be the very first week of april). But this task also depend on the end of other task, then I want to put a dependency. But when I add a “predecessor” constraint, the scheduler move my task.

I saw that this subject has already been discuss en 2015 (“Fixed milestones #125”), and that a branch of the soft (the “issue_125 branch”) is said to include this feature, but with the actual version I still do not succeed to do it.

Any help ?

(Dmitry Barashev) #2

You have a few options:

  1. Use earliest begin constraint on a task.
  2. Use rubber dependencies which do not move successors backwards.
  3. Create a fake milestone at the desired start date and link it with your task. This way you will have an additional constraint which prevents task from moving earlier.

You can read about the first two options in the docs on scheduler.

(Karen Godary-Dejean) #3

Solution solved ! THANKS a lot !!