Fixing a Begin Date

is it possible to fix permanently a begin date of activity also if after I put an earliest begin?
What I mean is that.

  1. I schedule activity with start at 01/01/2020
  2. I shift activity on 07/01/2020 using “earliest begin”
    I need to see on Gant the first date of begin, and then the real date of begin activity on the same line.
    I read that you suggested to use fake milestone, but in this case I need to create two line for same activity.
    Thank you

Short answer: what is described is not possible. We show on the Gantt chart only what is written in the task begin and end dates.

Long answer: I can’t say that I understand the need in many aspects. First, is the issue with some text on the chart or with task dates? Second, what is “real date of begin” in this scenario, what is written in the task begin date or in earliest begin constraint? Finally, what’s the ultimate goal of such manipulations from the business perspective? Why don’t you, say, just set “07/01/2020” as the begin date?

This sounds like you would want to have a baseline for the date of the 1st, allowing you to move it later to the 7th whilst recording the original planned date of start as the 1st.

I try to explain better:
What I mean is to have memory on the same activity line, of the first work start date entered and the real start date of the activity. This is to see immediately how much the project has slipped forward compared to the date scheduled at the beginning.
If I move the start date forward I lose the memory of the first scheduled start date.

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Yes, exactly. This is what I need

You may want to use Baselines feature for this purpose. “Baselines” button sits in the toolbar above the chart area, next to Zoom In/Out and other buttons.

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