Font rendering not well in exported png file

I tried to export project timeline as png but the timeline font looks not well. Could you give me any suggestion please?

Here is application setting

Here is the version:
GanttProject 2.8.11 build 2396
MacOS Mojave 10.14.6


Did you try using other fonts as “base chart font”?

Yes, I had tried Helveidca, Lucida Grande and Dialog.

Dialog as base chart font

and this is the exported png after using Dialog as base chart font.

Helvetica as base chart font

and the png after using Helvetica.

I have the same issue here with multiple other fonts.

GanttProject 2.8.11 build 2396
MacOS Mojave 10.12.6


(@inook: Thanks for posting this, it was on my to do list …)

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I have filed a new issue:
Thanks for reporting!

Thank you. And thanks for developing GanttProject.

Thanks for your quick bugfixing. I just upgraded to MacOS 10.15.4 (Catalina) and font rendering went from hmm to urgh!!

Is it possible for me to upgrade, when you haven’t released a stable version until now?

Thanks, Tobias

One good option is to start using beta version of GanttProject 3.0.
It includes all bugfixes from 2.8.X, file format in GP 3.0 is compatible with GP 2.8.X (well, actually just the same), and the major changes were in GP Cloud integration, while all existing features have not been changed, so it must be pretty stable.

You can download packages for all supported platforms from this Dropbox folder: for macOS is signed, notarized, comes with bundled Java Runtime, everything exactly as in the latest 2.8.11.

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Thanks, Dmitry, for your suggestion. I’ll give this a try!

Since I’m pretty much in love with the current file format – it’s very understandable and easy to build or to edit outside GanttProject –: Please don’t change it in a way, that would decrease the mentioned characteristics.

BTW: In the dropbox folder currently the latest version is 2.99-r2903.

I installed 2.99 and font rendering is perfect! Thank you very much!! Nice new icon BTW!

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