Free days to the resource


I have next scenario and I don’t know if I’m working the correct way:

  • I have created a task.
  • I have assigned a resource.
  • I have indicated the start and end dates.
  • I have added “free days” to the resource. And some of them belong to the interval in the task.

The system has not moved the dates. Is it correct?

I’m using Gantt Project (“Pilsen”, 2.8.1) in Windows10 Pro.

Thanks a lot!


It works as expected in the current GanttProject.

Hello, Dimitry,
I have created a task with antecessor and duration. I have created a resource with free days. My expectation is that the end date is moved because of free days of the resource.
Resource and free days
Resource shcedule. See that the tasks overlap the free days in light yellow


You can find the answer above.

Hello Dimitry. Since the resource days off does not move the dates ahead, how can we do to mitigate this?