Function Display of the critical path

Attached four files. In the file named “Exercise” i can display the critical path, instead i can’t display the path in the other three files named “Example 0”, “Example 1”, “Example 2”. Why?

Example 1- TEST Critical Path.gan (12,3 KB)
Example 2- TEST Critical Path.gan (10,7 KB)
Example 0- TEST Critical Path.gan (14,7 KB)
Exercise.gan (3,3 KB)

In example 1 there is a milestone Gate 3 in year 2025 and it seems to be the only task with non-zero float. Removal of the milestones Gate 2 and Gate 3 makes critical path working as expected.

Hi, see example 1.0 and 1.1 : i saw that eliminating milestone gate 2 or setting it at the end of last predecessor task, i saw the expected critical path. Instead in example 1.3 , setting forward the milestone gate 2 with rubber link, the critical path collapsed in the milestone itself.
It seems no so realistic the case 1.3, because the path of the project is clearly before milestone gate 2.
Actually, in a gantt it is useful to highlight some milestones.How can i set them without changing the critical path?
I would like to attach files but i can’t, i don’t find the button in the message window

Example 1.1- TEST Critical Path.gan (11,8 KB)
Example 1.2- TEST Critical Path.gan (11,9 KB)
Example 1.3- TEST Critical Path.gan (11,3 KB)

I don’t see any milestones in the third file.

Example 1.1- TEST Critical Path26.gan (12,4 KB)
Example 1.2- TEST Critical Path26.gan (12,4 KB)
Example 1.3- TEST Critical Path26.gan (12,2 KB)
Attached correct file.I don’t understand why in example 1.2 the critical path is only the milestone.

Because it is the only task with zero float. You can move any of the other tasks forward without delaying the project end date.

Ok i understand now.Thanks.
Last question about this issue: is it possible to indicate in the gantt chart some possible target dates without considering them milestone or task and so not affecting critical path? For example before building the gantt chart i’d like to register that it should finish on 20 December.
Thanks again