Gantt Project Cloud hangs at "Creating Access Token"

I am trying to use Gantt Project 3.0 in my school and while two of my group members are able to link Gantt Project Cloud to the app, one gets hung on “creating access token”. They tried every option (inputting different times, restarting, et cetra) but can’t figure out how to get past this screen. does anyone know how I might fix this issue? Thanks for the help!

Can you please identify the user? What email address is associated with their account ?

I believe the email address associated with their account is [email protected]

Thanks. I don’t see anything suspicious in the server logs. Perhaps something went wrong on the client side. The student seems to be using Safari browser. Can they try using some other, e.g. Firefox or Chrome?

Yeah thanks for the help I’ll tell them to try with chrome. Now that you mention it the three of us that did get it to work all used chrome and everything else worked the same for him so thats likely the issue.