Gantt Project Cloud

I use Ganttproject cloud since few months.
Everything was perfect.
This morning, I tried to access to my project, as every day, but i got the following errors :
tasks id xxx not found.
And, the screen staiyd blank.

I thank I used the local/mirror version, but the error message is the same.
Any tips ? Maybe I can download my project (HMS.gan), or fix it.
I know it’s a beta version. I played, but i don’t want to lose. Not now :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you !

hms.txt (346,7 Ko)

Hello, yes, you can access the previous project versions.
In the web interface, select the project, click the vertical dots button and choose version history. It will show the list of project versions and you can roll back to any of them. This way, if the project file was somehow corrupted, you will replace it with the correct one.

Can you please send the contents of the log after reproducing the error? If GanttProject interface is operational after the error, you can use Help > View log to open it.

Nice !
Thank you very much, everything is fine now !