Gantt view options - detailed print and timeline

(Michal Markoš) #1

I am missing two things in this great tool. I will be more than happy for a workaround hint.

First of them is printing the project plan - formatting the output to multiple pages and adding the activity names on the left for each page printed.

The second is some kind of showing high level timeline including milestones. Major workstreams can be shown by hiding the sub-activities, the issue is that this will also hide the milestones. Any ideas around this?


(Dmitry Barashev) #2

You can export using large paper format (e.g. A0) and use other tools to tile A0 sheet into A4 pieces (Adobe Reader reportedly supports this). This will not print the task names though.

You can show milestones in the timeline using “Show in timeline” option in the task properties.

(Michal Markoš) #3

Thank you for your answer, Dimitry.

Using of other tools is extremely clumsy - I usually cut screens and crop them in IrfanView, although this produces lower quality and does not address the task names at long projects. If you organize fundraising for new features, I think formatting print output is something I’d personally support.

Showing milestones in timeline shows their names on the top of the chart, but does not place them into the respective “stream”. Or am I wrong?

(Dmitry Barashev) #4

Not sure what is “stream” but yes, “Show in timeline” shows task name in the timeline.