GanttProject 2.8.10 earlist date problems


Hi, if I create a simple project with several tasks and summary tasks and each task is dependant on the other task within a summary task. Now I make each summary task dependant on the preceding summary task.

If I add more tasks to any summary task then the project timescale is increased. OK

If I remove or reduce the time required for a task within a summary task then the project timescale is not decreased. BAD. All summary tasks after the changed summary task remain at the same start date and the scheduler does not reduce the start date.

Even playing around with earliest date setting to the task start dates does not affect the problem.

All works if you make the first task of a summary task dependant on the end task of the preceding summary task. It seems as if using the summary tasks for dependency links is being ignored in the scheduler.

Intuitively I would expect the dependencies added the summary tasks to be taken account.


(Dmitry Barashev) #2

This issue is addressed in this ticket:


I agree, this is the issue described.