Ganttproject 3.3.3307

hello,how i get the 3.3.3307 version, my Ganttproject version is 3.3.3300.

Edit > Settings > App Updates. Make sure that “automatically check for updates” option is switched on.

thanks for your reply. is there another way? I also open the automatically check for updates,but the version is 3.3.3300 in app updates and tell me the vession is the latest.

You can install the update manually from ZIP file

  1. Find the folder named .ganttproject.d in your home folder (pay attention to the leading dot, some window managers may hide such files/folders).
  2. Create a subfolder .ganttproject.d/updates
  3. Download the update from and unzip it in into \.ganttproject.d\updates folder, so that the result folder tree looked like this:
└── update-3107
    ├── ganttproject
    └── VERSION
.... other updates

After restarting GanttProject you’re expected to see “GanttProject 3.3.3307” version in Help > About.

Oh, nice, thank you very much for your guidance.
I also have a suggestion in ganttproject:The top-level task has no connection with the subtasks in the pert diagram, causing the pert diagram to be a bit messy. It would be nice if the subtask was related to the top-level task.