GanttProject updates: the good way to avoid crashes (v3.2, JRE 11)

I have been looking for info on crashes of GP v3.2 with JRE updates.
Seems that updates on GP also updates JRE. Is this true?

I am using w10, with GPv3.2, and latest Bellsoft’s FullJRE
GP v3.2. Not installed. Just .zip version of GP and .zip version of JRE unzipped.
I cannot even load a file. I cannot move the mouse without having a crash.

With GP v3.1 also on the same PC, with same way of execution, does not crash.
GP v3.1. Not installed. Just .zip version of GP and .zip version of JRE unzipped.

I have two questions:

  1. Does this way of running GP v3.2 impact on GP v3.1 or viceversa?
  2. Does GP v3.2 updates change JRE settings? Should I manually update something?

Should I share logs? I mean… It is a loooong log of crashes… : (

Thank you very much,
Best regards. M.

  1. I don’t understand the question.
  2. If you mean the updates which come via the Auto-Update channel, then no.
  3. Yes, please share the logs, unless you don’t really want the problem to be solved.

Hi again… Not sure what is going on… but I cannot reproduce the crash now… :open_mouth:

I did not change any file or configuration… but now seems that GP v3.2 goes quite fine!
I launched GP v3.2; load a file; manipulate and navigate schedule; export to PDF… and all fine…
I apologize… It might be something strange on my system at the beginning…
Thanks Dmitry!

PD: My question was if having GP v3.1 and GP v3.2 on the same system, running one or other might share common configuration settings that might impact on each other. Just that. Thanks. Regards. M.

GanttProject uses the same config/settings file regardless of the version, so there are chances that older version may fail to read the settings file written by the newer version, but not the vice versa.