Ganttproject's not opening

Hello :wave:
I downloaded Ganttproject and when I double-click it, won’t open.
I tried downloading the two versions (2.8.11 and 3.0), the Windows exe and universal ZIP for both of them.
Ganttproject doesn’t do anything; doesn’t show any window, doesn’t appear in Task Manager.

I have Liberica JDK 15 in Windows 7 32-bits.
I tried it in another PC with almost the same hardware and software and worked fine.

  • Java Runtime which is bundled with the exe distro of GanttProject 3.0 is 64 bit, it will not run on 32 bit platforms.
  • You need a Java Runtime with JavaFX (referred as “Full JRE” on BellSoft Liberica web site).
  • We did not test GanttProject it on 32-bit systems, not sure if it is operational or not.