Gestion multiprojet

Est-il possible de gérer plusieurs projets simultanément avec GanttProject? Comment faire? Quel serait le nombre maximal de tâches qui peuvent être enregistrées sur une feuille sans que le logiciel devient lent?
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Is it possible to manage several projects simultaneously with GanttProject? How to do? What would be the maximum number of jobs that can be saved on a sheet without the software becoming slow?
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I am not sure that I completely understand the question.

One .gan file is one project. If you have several GanttProject files, you have several projects. Not sure if this is what you meant as “manage several projects simultaneously”.

If you meant that you want to share some data across the projects (e.g. common resources), you can put them all as a top-level tasks into the same file.

What would be the maximum number of jobs that can be saved on a sheet without the software becoming slow

We don’t know the maximum number, sorry. Never tried to check. GanttProject works fine with hundreds of tasks. In general, it is the project length which matters from performance point of view, not the number of tasks, One task which is 2000 years long is worse than 2000 tasks of 1 day duration

Thank you for your answer. I am a beginner in project management, which explains the ambiguity of my question. Here’s what I need when I talk about managing many projects:

In addition to planning each project on a file, I would need a file or function that centralizes the essential information from all projects, without that information being re-entered. A sheet where a line represents on project and where the columns would be, for example, the start date, the end date, the progress of the project (%), project status, etc. This is the kind of information that top manager are interested in. It’s useful when there are more than 10 projects. But you have already answered my question. Thank you so much!