Get an overview file of the files in a project

I don’t see a feature request tag so I put it here. I had hoped to get with the cloud , a way to have an overview extracted from the different files gan files in a project. I looked into the xml structure . A minimum would already if you can have tasks , or more specific milestones that could have a property that defines it has to be “exported” to a higher level. So a top “gan” file when opened has to scan all the files in the project and update the tasks that have this tag set. So the relation between these tasks added in the higher level are not lost.
There are online (gannt) planning web sites that can do this. But I found them pretty slow to build a gantt chart , took me at least 5 times more time to crate a task in respect to the offline ganntproject . I like gantt project because it is easy to learn. I use it for two scientific projects where activities are distributed over different institutes with people that have to make the gantt charts do this not daily ( or even not weekly ) .
Just because ganntproject is not so feature rich as paid version it is very attractive for these kind as users (so like me) .

I’m considering to write a (python ) script for this but if there are plans to add this functionality in the near future please let me know .

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I am not sure that it is exactly what you meant, but there was a discussion (see a link below) about building a master project and a “low hanging fruit” idea to allow for importing multiple .gan files into a single one. This is likely to be added soon to both import wizard in GanttProject and as a sort of “automatically constructed” master project in GP Cloud.