GP 3.2 is laggy on M1Pro MBP

GP 3.2, M1 Pro MBP, macOS Monterey 12.4

  1. latest dmg + native jre is so far best.

  2. Re-downloaded dmg and replace the app, which results similar to 4) but in a x86 jre. (task monitor shows kind=intel)

  3. It seems 3.2.3244 (live upgraded from 3.2.240) bundled x86 jre, super laggy. Especially when regaining focus by clicking on a task, it takes about 6~7 seconds to highlight that task. Page up/down takes 3~4 seconds.

  4. To use a native jre (kind=apple) like following works way far better, though still not smooth.

/Applications/ -j ~/Downloads/jdk-17.0.2-full.jdk

Regaining focus still takes a second or so to highlight the item. Paging up/down takes near a second and scrolling is possible.

I’m not sure it is a javafx/jre issue or you can do something on GP side.

And with x86 JRE bundled, it quit occasionally, most likely when I resize something in GUI. OS crash report is attached. gp_m1_crashlog.txt (173.5 KB)