GP v3.2 Risk icons settings, PDF Resources chart, and next v3.2 features

Hello, great change in GP with v3.2.

  1. Is it possible to change to colour icons (red, yellow) again? It was easier for me to check tasks.
  2. PDF export. Resource chart has the “old v3.1 style”. FYI.
  3. What are the next changes coming on the near release? How to “vote” them if possible?

Thank you very much. Regards. M.

Is it possible to change to colour icons (red, yellow) again?

Do you mean triangles?

Well, yes.
Have the apperance to be configured with icons “triangles” or “new styles” (black-and-white hourglass icons)

Hello… Seems that getting triangles back again… is not an option in the GP roadmap… right? : (

What about this?


Well, yeah!
:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Would it be configurable on the Project Configuration Options, Dmitry?

(Hmmm, I miss in the Gantt chart the red vertical line of “Today”… BTW)

What’s wrong with the red line? It is there. You can switch it on in the chart options.

Ok. Thank you Dmitry.

Hello Dmitry! How can I get those new coloured icons to be shown? I do not see them in v3.2 updated.
Any special option to enable?

There are no special options. Did you try restarting GanttProject?

I have latest JRE v15 from Bellsoft, and .zip version from GP v3.1 and v3.2 on W10.
I run GP by command line and try both versions.
If there are no common settings or configurations, I do not see the coloured icons on GP v3.2.

Do you mean that you see black and white hourglasses?

Ok. After restarting GP v3.2.3244, with blue_and_yellow stripes… Now I see the coloured icons on the hourglasses… Thanks Dmitry!