GP v3.3.3294 updates and Spanish completeness

I updated .zip version GP v3.3.x to v3.3.3294 and did not reach as v3.3.3295, published some days ago… ¿Any differences from both builds? ¿Should I discard updated GP and reinstall new build 3295?

By the way, v3.3.3294 has dialogs in Spanish incomplete: tasks filter and field selector have captions still in English.

thank you for this great project and effort, team!

3295 was built as a “full package” mostly to update Java Runtime, but there are code changes as well, compared to 3294.

Hmmm I see… Is it expected in the next months an update from 3294 to future builds?
WRT the Spanish text, I may help if needed.


The release build is expected in the next months ) There are no plans for maintaining updates for all beta builds.

If you are willing to contribute to the Spanish translation, please register on Crowdin service and use this page: Crowdin (untranslated strings are shown first in the list)

Ok. Thanks. I will wait for the next .zip file then…

… helping with some translations in the web mentioned. :smiley: