Half Day durations

I have spent the past day investigating alternative software to Microsoft Project and as a consequence I have chosen to download a copy of ganttproject. So far so good, I’m finding the interface pretty intuitive to use, having never used any project management software before.

A quick question though, whilst I appreciate that down to the minute, or even hour, durations are not possible, I was wondering if both tasks and vacations could be broken down into half days?

I’m managing a software development project and that would be very useful as our tasks are generally pretty short. I hope I not “poking the bear” by asking this!

Many thanks

Day is the minimum possible duration, sorry.

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Ok, thanks for replying

Will this happen in a future version. It would be really useful
regards and Happy New year to all

Hi, it was nearly 4 years ago when this question was raised has there been any development on being able to create half days - it would be really useful.

Might it be helpful to consider these options:
a) double the duration of every task/holiday, as the availability is half.
b) assign in Ganttproject the resource to the 50% to the task.
c) split resources in shifts, as resource1day would work half day and so will do resource1night.

Some alternative ideas to implement your need.
Hope this helps. Regards. M.