Headers in the chart

(Bert Schreuders) #1

Is it possible to design headers for a group of common tasks? Surely I can make a “fake” task, with start and end date, but is there some different way to work with headers?
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(Dmitry Barashev) #2

I am not sure that I clearly understand the question, but anyway, there are no other options of grouping except those which you are hopefully aware of: common summary task for the group or (as you suggested) “fake” tasks which serves as a visual separator.

(Bert Schreuders) #3

Thanks, than I know what to do, just introduce fake activities, to separate an equal group of activities.


If you create a “fake” task and then indent the items under it, the header automatically takes on the date range of all the indented items and changes the bar to one with pointed ends. Works perfectly for creating headers or section dividers.