Help: can't reverse DPI setting value

I accidentally changed the DPI setting to a very big number (entered 2008 instead of 200) and now my gantt project is unusable. The DPI of the program is so high that i can only see the first few items of the top menu bar, filling my screen entirely. (Win7, 64b, FHD)

What I tried so far:

  • Used a 4K monitor to see if i could get to the DPI setting and changed it back: no success :frowning:
  • Uninstalled gantt project, and re-installed it: no success since the DPI setting is “remembered”.
  • Uninstall gantt project, tried to remove all registry entry’s that contain “gantt” and re-installed it: no success, the DPI setting is still “remembered”.

Where can I find the DPI value “under water” so I can lower it, or how can I make sure that my PC “forgets” the value for the DPI when I uninstall gantt project?

All settings are stored in a file named .ganttproject (note dot at the first position) in your home folder. DPI option value sits at this line:

   <option id="ui.screenDpi" value="96"/>

You can edit the file in any text editor or just delete it.

That worked just fine, thx!

I have the same issue… where I can find the “.ganttproject” file?
Where is the home folder?
Thank you!

Home folder is normally C:\Users\<your user name> on modern Windows systems, /Users/<your user name> on MacOS, /home/<your user name> on Linux.

Got it.
Thank you!

worst program ever
im so sad that ive to work in that shit