Help with Resource's Holidays?

I’ve been having an issue where the holiday dates that I put in are not translating in the Gantt chart as unavailable days. The scheduled tasks run straight through holidays. Is there any way that I can change this setting so that tasks jump holidays like they do non-working days or bank-holidays?

No, sorry.
See also relevant ticket in the bug tracker.

Thank you! That’s a shame. I would have donated to this project (because I love the interface) but this is a function-breaking bug for me and if it hasn’t been fixed for that long, I don’t expect it will be fixed soon at all.

Thank you for letting me know.

You choose. Thanks to other donations, we collected enough funds to pay to external developer who is going to work on this feature in particular. Hope to bring it to life in the foreseeable future. Check back sometimes.

Hi Dmitry,
have you fixed the problem? It would be really helpful.



Just want to +1 the request for this! I’ve been using this a short time trying it out but just ran into this issue and it’s a killer as I’m trying to deal with everyone taking different vacation times with the Holiday’s as well as Chinese New Year. I can’t have project-wide Holidays which means I have to be able to deal with them at the Resource level.


It is now in 2021, and I would like to know if this bug has been corrected since April 2017 ?

Thank you for your answer.

That is a shame that holidays will not be treated as a non working day, glad I found out just now, I’m about to create a project and I need this function. I’d have been most frustrated if I spent the time creating the project and then discovered this functionality did not exist. I’ll have to hunt for a different software. :frowning_face: