Holiday calendar - Czech republic

Please, could be possible to built in settings - calendar possibility to choose holiday calendar for Czech republic?
Thank you
David Kostal

The problem is that nobody has bothered with providing such calendar in GanttProject understandable format, and we just can’t take care of all calendars in the world. We update calendars for 15 major countries where most users come from but Czechia is far behind the top-15. If you’re willing to spend half an hour and wrap Czech holidays into XML, we’ll gladly add the result to the distribution.

Hi Dimitry, unless you have already agreed w. David, please send the template to me and I will spend the time. Thanks!

Hello… Thanks for your reactions. Last weekend after Dimitry Barashevs post I tried to make xml file, I made it and test it in ma instalation, and it works. So Im sending you file i18n_cr.calendar with holidays in Czech Republic for implementation into instalation pack, In fact, I`m sending zou also file i18n_sk.calendar - updated calendar for Slovakia, because a lot of holidays is Slovakia are the same as in Czech republic:) Thank you for implementation of both files.
Uploaded files have extension txt, is impossible to upload files with extension .calendar. Please change it.
If there will be any problém, contact me.
David Kostal i18n_cr.txt (7.3 KB)
i18n_sk.txt (7.5 KB)

Wow, up to 2050 :slight_smile: Thanks!
Is it true that all holidays except for Easter are fixed and there are no rules like “if it happens on Saturday then make next Monday holiday in lieu” ?

Yes, in Czech republic and Slovakie are all holidays fixed, without any rules, except for Easter. Big Friday and Easter Monday dates till 2050 are from this source - , till 2030 are also to count here:

Hi DImitry, could you please add the Czech holidays to the next release of Gantt Chart? So that David’s work is not wasted… Thanks!

Yes, it is in progress: already committed to the repository and will be published soon.

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