Holiday Calendar - Malaysia

I already add Malaysia public holiday, calendar manual. However, recently I find out it does not allow me to add new public holiday - automatically calendar date change to 29/12/20. Could you please advice? As my current project extended to next year and I need to add next year public holiday

I don’t understand the question, sorry. What do you mean when you say “it does not allow me to add new public holiday”? Can you please provide more details on that? Screenshots or screencast record is welcome.

if I add new public holiday next year for Chinese new year on 25th January, but its appear as 29/12/20

Can you please share the project file an a screencast showing the whole process of reproducing this issue?

Please share the project file and screencast (video) showing how to reproduce the issue.

Testing_Malaysia.gan (2.5 KB)

add the testing file-shows same error, which can’t add new public holiday


I don’t know if I fully understand your problem neither, but I tried to add a One-off holiday to a calendar (using the same data that you indicated) and it worked flawlessly.

You can see it by yourself here:

If that isn’t the same procedure that you followed, please, record a video (like the one that I have published there in YouTube) indicating the exact steps that you perform to reproduce the error.

Actually, when send the doc to my working colleagues, they can add public holidays. But I can’t … not sure, why. I will record a video and share to you… thanks