Holiday calendars

How may I help to have french holiday after 2025 in Ganttproject ? or maybe someone is already in charge to update this point ?

Typing the data in, might it be an option.
That is what I did for holidays in Spain.

I was wondering how to make the new file for France, so that it can be included in the next update. Or other option : is it possible to download such file instead of type the data in every projet as @malcaraz suggest ?

Good enhacement request! Something available as [MS Outlook has yet]. (Add holidays to your calendar in Outlook for Windows - Microsoft Support)

The file is here: at master · bardsoftware/ · GitHub

(raw downloadable version:

I am not sure that i clearly understand what did you mean as “is it possible to download” though.

If you add the holidays beyond 2025 and send us a new version, it surely will be included into the next update.

done for main french calendar (till 2028) :grinning:

Pardon, what is done? I mean, I don’t see any pull requests into the repository, nor anything in the email.