"Hot swap" between languages on a project


I am not sure what happened to the question I raised in my last post. So here goes again… . .

Is it possible to “hot swap” between two different languages on the same project?

i am collaborating on several projects with associates who do not speak English well. Is it possible to purchase the software in their language and then I could use the “translate” feature to view whatever edits they have made?

(Dmitry Barashev) #2

Do you mean that you want to translate user-generated texts? Task names and other stuff like that? No such feature, sorry.


Thanks for the response - a pity that feature is not available. However, one of my partners is a professional Russian interpreter: perhaps with some guidance we could assist with development of that feature.

(Dmitry Barashev) #4

I’d prefer help from professional software developer… There are translation services with APIs around, it is engineering task to make use of them. I must admit that such use case is quite uncommon. Out of curiosity, how do you talk to those colleagues outside GanttProject? Do you use auto translation bots in messengers or what?

(Bruce Pelkey) #5

I agree - and we are not software people; we are business people.

The interpreter and I have no problems, as he speaks, reads and writes
excellent English. He has even translated several books from English to
Russian. We have been working together for 20+ years.

However, there are other associates where none of those attributes are
present. He has been translating during Skype and related meetings, but I
wanted to be able for everyone to have the Gantt Project software and be
able to use it in their own language without needing to have the translator
involved every time we add a task, change a date,etc…

Thanks for taking the time for responding personally and for all of your
work - it is a great program.