How do I specify a non-standard ftp port number?

Hi guys,

I am trying to publish my project planning to my server in the cloud. It runs ftp on a very high non-standard port number (for obvious reasons). I’ve used it since the start using FileZilla with the sftp protocol.

However, when I try to use it with GanttProject, I could not get connected.

How do I specify the server URL? These are my tries so far:
I specified an IPv4 address and still it complains about an invalid IPv6 address…

When I try to specify my server’s IPv6 address:
I get a timeout: “Connection timed out: connect”

When I try to specify a port number like this:
I get the message “invalid IPv6 address”

No success so far. (yes, I’m sure my credentials are correct… :wink: )

Newbee question: How come this topic seems to be greyed out in the list?

Perhaps because you read it?

Answering to the question, I believe that the issue is with sftp protocol, not with port. Java Runtime does not support it out of the box.

Perhaps because you read it?

Oops, stupid of me, I could have thought that myself… :wink:

When the issue was with the sftp protocol, how come it would complain about a wrong IPv6 address?

I tried to use the FTP protocol (also on a high port).
When I specify the port address the program still complains about an invalid IPv6 address…

I will not open port 21 on a publicly available server with the notoriously insecure FTP protocol. Would you guys please work out a better, more secure solution for publication of project plans?

Apparently it suffers from both protocol (which is not supported by the library which we use) and from port number (which is passed along with host part in the same string value and is not parsed by the library).

I have created a ticket in the tracker. Thanks for reporting.

Thanks for raising the issue!