How to cancel subtasks ordering by start date?

I just started creating a Gantt Chart and erroneously clicked on the “start date” column header. Thus it ordered my subtasks by start date, but now I am stuck: I would like my own subtasks ordering (carefully crafted with Alt+Up and Alt+Down).

How to cancel the subtasks ordering by dates?

In GanttProject up to 3.1.+ you can only undo the result with Ctrl+Z (undo). If you already closed the application, you can try restoring a previous version of the project file using Help > Recover

This weird behavior will be fixed in the upcoming GanttProject 3.2.

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Thank you for your prompt answer :slight_smile:
For my information, when is the 3.2 version release planned for?

It is pretty close, but there is no planned release date. It is done when it is done.

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Fair enough :slight_smile:.
Have a good day!

Any spoiler… :slight_smile: for version 3.2 ?

There is nothing to spoil, because everything is public in the git repository. One can build GP from master branch or scan through the commits. But if you want a short summary for mere mortals, here is a just released video

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