How to configure ftp server

hi everyone… i’m trying to set server mode.
i installed the program on server, shared the folder.
in this moment i can open the program from my pc that is in the same net of the server.
what i want to do is use the program also from the pc’s of my collegue that are in the same net.
maybe i made some mistake in configuration…
i add a screen shot to this 3d…
thanks in advance if someone could help me…

I can easily be wrong, but I think that FTP is unrelated to your problem. These words

shared the folder

normally mean that you’re using Windows shared folders which are no FTP at all.

I think you should contact your administrator. GanttProject doesn’t do anything special with respect to Windows shares, FTP or whatever. If you can create a text file in Windows shared folder using Notepad then you can write a project in the same with GanttProject. If you can connecto to FTP server using what-is-your-favorite-FTP-client then most likely you can connect with GanttProject as well.

What I would like to do is to create a file on a server and while this is open on the main screen in my tech department have the possibility to open it from others pc in the net and modify it, seeing the changes on the main screen…

Now I’m using this file opening it by the program installed on a pc… the file is on the server, so if I save any modify and I open the file from another pc o can see the modify.
If I modify the file while the file is open on the main screen I can’t see the modify until I don’t close and reopen the file…

If I open the file from two pc simultaneously and I made changes from both, the first that save makes the second “the last” and the program tell me that is not more the last version…

How can I use (if possibile) like a dinamic gantt project?

Real-time collaboration is not yet in GanttProject, sorry.

Is it to be expected in the future releases?

You can try the first approximation to real-time collab with GanttProject Cloud