How to create milestone (deadlines) that will not move / be pushed to later date


I would like to set a milestone as a deadline.
It has several tasks as predecessors.

When the tasks take longer than expected and are updated, it moves the milestone to a later date.

I would like to
1- either avoid that moving forward and get a error message
2- or at least get a warning (eg : “a dependant successor milestone has been moved”)

Is there a way of achieving either 1 ou 2 ?

The goal here is to be warned when initial deadlines are no longer met when updating the project.


It is not directly on GP, AFAIK, what you request.
a) Do not link milestone to latest task, as it is an “absolute date” milestone. It will be shown before this preceeding tasks if those are extended.
b) Or… you might use the “baseline” feature, as a way to show impacts on delays.

Hi Manuel.

Thanks for your answer.

My issue here is that the Gantt actually contains several sub projects, and all tasks and milestones cannot be displayed on one screen (even a big one :D).

But actually, reading your answer, I think I found a way to partially workaround the issue :
I will duplicate the milestone and place them side by side :

  • the 1st instance is the reference (no link)
  • the other the current status (linked, reflecting the impacts of predecessors)

At least this way I can visualize if milestones are impacted when I look at them.

If you have a way to raise a flag when the 2 no longer match, I am interested ! :wink:

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I only know the “Alerts” field. Only related to current date, not tasks relationships.