How to force maximum overload on ressource

(Jimmy Huguet) #1

I’ve got one resource that need to do two task. These two task depends on the finishing of the same previous task. Problem is : These two task start the same day and the ressource is overloaded, and can’t do both task at the same time.

How can I specify that I don’t want the ressource to do more than 100% of work so that the tasks are put sequentially ?

(Dmitry Barashev) #2

GanttProject does NOT force any restrictions on task schedule with respect to resource usage. You can overload your resources as much as you wish.

(Jimmy Huguet) #3

So if I want my project to reflect the reality, I need to add the requirement that the previous task is finished even though it doesn’t require it ?

It seems a bit stupid.

(Dmitry Barashev) #4

Re-read the question and found that you don’t want the resource to be overloaded (I thought you did want to overload).

The answer is still the same though: there is no resource leveling of any kind in GanttProject, sorry.

Relevant issue in the tracker: