How to force maximum overload on ressource

I’ve got one resource that need to do two task. These two task depends on the finishing of the same previous task. Problem is : These two task start the same day and the ressource is overloaded, and can’t do both task at the same time.

How can I specify that I don’t want the ressource to do more than 100% of work so that the tasks are put sequentially ?

GanttProject does NOT force any restrictions on task schedule with respect to resource usage. You can overload your resources as much as you wish.

So if I want my project to reflect the reality, I need to add the requirement that the previous task is finished even though it doesn’t require it ?

It seems a bit stupid.

Re-read the question and found that you don’t want the resource to be overloaded (I thought you did want to overload).

The answer is still the same though: there is no resource leveling of any kind in GanttProject, sorry.

Relevant issue in the tracker:

Yes, it would be very helpful if tasks could be forced to be sequential if a required resource is more than 100% allocated. I’m putting together a schedule for a construction project there are multiple tasks that are not inherently sequential but only one carpenter available. It seems I have to choose between reducing complexity, defining rough carpentry as taking X days without detail or listing all of the carpentry tasks calling them arbitrarily sequential and making all of the tasks time and up to X days.

I just downloaded Gantt Project and started to enter my first project plan. I am surprised/amazed that there is no resource levelling feature. Is this on the wish list? Is it likely to be implemented any time soon? Without this creating a project plan that is easy to maintain seems pretty well impossible. I suppose it involves adding loads of fake dependencies so that the resources are not overloaded. This removes lots of flexibility from the project which may be needed in future times to overcome problems. If this is not high on the priority list for future development, can someone explain why it is not regarded as important?

Does anyone know of an alternative free project planning tool with dependencies and sub-tasks and resource leveling?

Thank you - Rowan

Your seem to have a little bit high expectations from a free open-source application, in my opinion. Resource leveling is a complex feature, both from user interface perspective and computationally. You can look at the list of 20 project management systems which reportedly have this feature:

20 out of 310. The list includes both commercial and open-source systems.