How to import resources from Excel

(Mark Atkins) #1

Can i import resources from Excel? If yes do i need row headers? I assume that each resource occupies each row. do my columns have to match the information as per the new resource ? I set up a small list and tried to import it. 1st time saved it as an excel file no luck then saved it as a csv file again nothing. Am I missing something? apologies if it is blindingly obvious but idiot proof step by step appreciated

(Dmitry Barashev) #2

You can import CSV which can be produced from Excel. Yes, you need row headers. You can export project from GanttProject to CSV to see the expected structure of CSV file.

(Leonid Itkin) #3

could you give an example how to create resource CSV file for import to the project?

(Dmitry Barashev) #4

As written above, you can export our sample project to CSV to create an example.

(Leonid Itkin) #5

I have did and get a parser error Failed to parse value=Phone
please find csv file and suggest what to repair.

HouseBuildingSample.csv (6.51 KB)

(Dmitry Barashev) #6

This file seems to be produced by Excel or something like that. You need to replace rows with empty cells (those which consist of commas) with just empty rows (as text) and remove empty cells at the end of resource column headers. The result is attached.HouseBuildingSample.csv (6.2 KB)

(Dmitry Barashev) #7

I filed a new issue to ignore empty cell lines and trailing empty cells: