How to lock .gan file once opened

Hi all,

Working with last Win version (3.1.3103), I wonder if there is a way to lock a .gan file once opened, in order to avoid another user to modify it (.gan file is shared on an internal network) ?

Thx in adv.


No, sorry.
For the files which are located on local disk or shared folders, GanttProject just checks that file has not been modified since the moment when it was opened.

For collaboration with locking you may try using your own WebDAV server and/or use GanttProject Cloud

OK, I’ll have a look at WebDAV.

I suppose that .gan file is opened, then data stored in app. memory, so the file is opened in read mode then closed ?

Would it be a lot of stuff to keep it opened until app is closed ?


Yes, file is opened in read mode.
File locking is a quite subtle thing that depends on the operating system and file system, and there are many factors to consider. What works on your local machine with NTFS file system may work differently with the network drive. Preventing others from modifying sounds nice, but will it still sound nice if you find yourself not being able to write to a file just because one of your colleagues opened it and went home?