How to set default paper size

I am using 2.8.5 Pilsen (build 2179) on Windows 7 Pro. I would like to change the default printer settings, most importantly, the default paper size. It currently always assumes “A4” and I would like to change it to “Letter”. I could not find the answer in the FAQ or other places I looked.
Is this possible?

The best way to print the chart is to export it to image and use your favorite image printing tool with all its configuration options. Also, export to PDF allows for choosing paper size.

Thanks for the quick reply. I have no problem printing or exporting, my question is: Can I change the default paper size. It allows me to change the paper size when I am printing or exporting, but I have to remember to change it every time and it just seems like a nuisance that might be simple to change…or not…I noticed a .INI file in the program directory and hoped maybe some defaults had been saved there but that did not pan out.
By the way, I just started using this software and I am very impressed with it. It does just what I need it to do and the learning curve is almost nonexistent. Thanks!

No, sorry, default size is hardcoded in both places. That’s why export to image and printing with other tools might be better option, provided that it takes less time than tuning paper settings.

I would like to request that it is added as a feature. Could an update make it possible for the user to set the default paper size please?

Here is an old relevant issue in the tracker

If you want to track its progress, please subscribe to the notifications in that issue.