How To Show That A Project is Ahead of Schedule

I can’t seem to wrap my head around how to show that a task is ahead of schedule. Let’s say there is a task that is scheduled to take 4 days - so, essentially, 25% per day. The team makes incredible progress on day 1 and completes 75% of the work. I don’t see any way to display that 75% of the work has been completed on day 1 - when I move the slider or input 75% completion the progress bar moves by default to the 3rd day.

In the picture I uploaded, my team is 67% complete a task on March 9, so I input 67% in the task properties. The slider automatically moves to March 13 - the theoretical day that should be the 67% complete day in the task.

Is there any way to actually show progress when ahead of schedule?



“Progress bar” knows nothing about days. It visualizes the completion percentage. If youre 2/3 done, it will occupy 2/3 of the task bar width, no matter when you set this value.

I don’t think there is any easy way of doing this. A relevant enhancement request in the issue tracker:

Hi, you can display the “red line for today” so if your progess bar is ahead the red line you are in advance !