How to show the time range (delay) allowed to an activity become critical on critical patch chart?


How can I show the time range highlighted in red on a column or in the chart?



Pardon? Critical path, by definition, includes only those tasks which have zero float.

Yes! What I want to do is to show the delay for other activities that are not critical ones. It is simple to do using Microsoft project. Do you have any idea on how to do this?

Tks man!

Do you need a number indicating the slack value?

Yes!! Exactly this! For management purpose it is very important to has a visual way to see this “allowed delay”.

I see. I have submitted a new enhancement request to the tracker:

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Many thanks, man!! Super!

Welll… just to confirm… I guess GP v3 does not show this on the Gantt chart as the wikipedia’s page on Gantt chart does, right?

Black lines in here.

I didn’t do anything about this issue (yet).