Import a custom calendar and change the timeline date format?

Good morning all,
Thank you for this software that I discover.
I want to use it for student projects (I’m a French teacher, sorry for my english, I used a Translator…).

I have two questions :

  • Is it possible to prepare a personalized calendar (with a file external to the software) with the students’ school days, holidays … and to import it into GanttProject ?
    Indeed, the students have courses with alternating even or odd weeks and I have found nothing other than to manually insert vacation days …

  • Is it possible to display the days of the week (M, T, W …) next to the day in the horizontal timeline? It would be easier to visualize for my young students. (I managed to display the day in custom date formats by adding the letter “E” in front of the date in the task colum, but not in the timeline display …)

Thank you in advance for your help

You can make you own project-wise holiday calendar, but not resource-wise. No, date format in the timeline is not customizable to that extent (existing enhancement request)

Thank you for your reply.
So if I understood correctly, we can create a calendar but not import one from an external file (I’m talking about vacation days only).
And for the days of the week, I will therefore wait for the update.
Thank you.