Import calendar from iCal

I try to import iCal (Indonesia holiday), import there are no error massage but I cannot see the Indonesia holiday calendar in drop down list.
Please help.

It is not supposed to create entries in the dropdown. Import from iCal creates holidays directly in the project where you import to.

Thank Dmitry,
Sorry to dalete last post cause of has mistake picture uploaded.

I was import .ics file directly to my project. But I cannot see the Holiday calendar that I was import it. Please see the picture that I attached. Thank you.

Did you read my answer? It is not supposed to show up in the dropdown. If import from .ics completes successfully, it creates holidays in the project file. Normally you can see them in one-off tab under the dropdown.

If the project calendar is empty after import, please share your ics file, I’ll take a look at it.